Cool Weather Cycling Shoes

My winter foot gear set up couldn’t be simpler.  I’ve been wearing these Keen Presidios since last fall, and I’m mad about them.  They’ve been a terrific cycling shoe for me.

I bought these a half-size larger than my usual Keen size — these are US 7/Keen EU 37.5.  That’s because I wear them with very well padded SmartWool PhD socks.  I wash these socks in the machine, dry them slightly by machine, and then hang them to dry the rest of the way.  This has made the socks even more dense than when I bought them, and they need the extra room in the shoes.

Incredibly, my feet have not been cold once this winter — even in 18 F/-7.7 C temperatures.  I may have to fuss and bother about layers everywhere else on my body, but I’ve never had to think twice about my feet!

The soles of these cycling shoes are SPD-compatible (though I don’t go there).  Keen also makes a Presidio walking shoe that looks the same, but doesn’t have the cleat plate (naturally), and presumably has a slightly less stiff sole.

The Presidio hikers would undoubtedly be the best choice for serious walkers.  However, I’ve wandered all around New York City for days in these shoes, in spite of their lovely stiff soles, and been quite happy wearing them as a pedestrian.

I’m a packing minimalist, and won’t take spare shoes on a trip if I can avoid doing so — and, even if I’m riding Basil on only one day when traveling, I take the shoes I want while bicycling, and wear only those for the entire trip.  These shoes have performed admirably, every way I’ve used them.

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These were really good socks for this, but don’t forget the full oxford shoes, too — I’m sure they help. And for that extra cozy felting effect, make sure that you get socks with a high proportion of wool, which gets that wonderful density when washed.

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