Neoprene Mitts Update

After a brief hiatus, Basil and I finally got a chance to run out for groceries, and to test his new neoprene mitts.  I made these after seeing some commercial examples because I couldn’t find any that would fit Brompton M bars, like Basil’s.

As suspected, getting my hands into and out of the mitts was no problem at all.  I was able to signal and shift without any difficulty, and with very little thought.

You can see why: There’s a lovely gaping maw into which one sticks the hands.  The mitts are anchored to the handlebars, so they don’t slip.  However, I didn’t realize until I got home that I’d set the left one lower than it should have been.  This, oddly, made no difference in use, but it did mean that my Garmin was a bit obscured.

The hook-and-loop fasteners belong above my light mount, not below it.  (Yeah, I don’t ride at night.  The light is in case I’m running late, and end up coming home on an overcast day a bit later than expected. Should I ever need it, the mitt will be adjusted appropriately.)

On this 32 F/0 C ride, my hands were quite comfortable in thin (though “winter”) gloves.  I loved not having to ride wearing my lobster claws — though, since this was the the first trial run for the mitts, I had them tucked in Basil’s saddle bag, just in case.  I much prefer the dexterity that comes with lightly clad digits.

That shopping bag has to go.  Basil obviously needs a polka dot shopper.

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