My Brompton

Basil Goes Fabric Shopping

I make my own clothing (with some exceptions, athletic gear generally included), and sometimes I run out of material in the middle of a project. That’s a great excuse for a quick trip to the fabric store — on my Brompton, naturally.

That’s a bolt of rayon bemberg lining in Basil’s basket.  It’s easy to go all around the shop guiding Basil with the handle on his basket — and wonderfully refreshing to resume sewing after a lovely little cycling trip into town!

2 replies on “Basil Goes Fabric Shopping”

Somehow this reminds me of dogs carrying packages, or even their favorite toy in their own mouth. I get a sense of wonder in their joyful responsibility in proudly doing an assigned task. Back to your story, it is refreshing to see your affinity for Basil and to see him stepping up to assist. Well done, Nigel! Good Brommie!

Oh, I so shouldn’t confess this, Harry, but uh, yes, “joyful responsibility”, that’s my Basil and me, each of us fulfilling our mutual tasks for the benefit of the other. I do so enjoy his dedication to task . . . and how beautifully he accomplishes them, yes, as do loyal, proud canines! All in all, it’s a very companionable relationship. Brommies — they’re the best!

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