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Two Bridges

. . . and two paths not taken.  Come to think of it, the bridges were also not taken. One has been abandoned, some time ago.

There was once something of a road leading up to it, with a run-off gully to the side,

however, the road looks more unfinished than actually abandoned. I wonder what the story is?

The second bridge is probably in a park of sorts, but I’m not sure which one. Or perhaps it’s in a nearby golf course.

This road — one just ridden past, today — runs through an older area that reminds me of the unincorporated neighbourhood of my very early childhood, when large lots were sold, and ordinary houses built upon them — before developers moved in.

Further along, this spur appeared. On a map, it looked as if it went through to another neighborhood.  Had it gone through, this would have been a terrific route back to my starting point; it’s very short, but marked with “no trespassing” signs, so we turned around.

This was an utterly glorious day for a ride, at 66 F/18.8 C, with lots of sun and only a light wind.