Brompton USA 2014 Championship

The dates and location have been announced:  July 11-13, in Washington, D.C.  That’s close enough that Basil and Argyll may have to consider giving it a go.

nclgHowever, participation is not to be taken lightly.  Proper attire is required:  collared shirts, ties, jackets (flasks optional).  No spandex permitted.  Sequins allowed, apparently.  (Who says sport can’t be elegant?)

No word yet on the venue; I’m devoutly hoping it’s going to be scenic, and not a motorway track.

Edited 3 June 2014 to insert BNC logo.

2 replies on “Brompton USA 2014 Championship”

No question; you’ve got to do it. The course is probably immaterial (& shortish) because the scenery is on the track – swarms of colourful Bromptons with wonderfully attired riders, all grinning. Don’t miss out!

Ah, Ian, you are so right! After all, what could possibly make me happier than seeing a field of Bromptons? Thanks for the push; if we’d actually skipped it, we’d probably have been quite unhappy after.

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