Short Trips & Errands

Multi-Tasking of the Best Sort

On a recent ride, this sign greeted us:  A local trail will be closed for most of the summer.  According to the crew setting up these signs, it’s a public safety issue while nearby gas lines are being repaired.


Basil is unimpressed. That’s really infelicitous timing, and this is a favorite trail for a fast ride.

On the other hand, Basil couldn’t help but admire this fellow.  Nice colors, don’t you think?


We were out riding with Dr. Diarist and his mountain bike, before his recent accident.


That pretty little garter snake wasn’t the only bit of fauna we encountered.  This Blue Heron was wending his way down the middle of the stream.


The swamp cabbage is now triumphant, and has carpeted the banks next to the trail.


Dr. Diarist continued on to do some off-road cycling while Basil and I went grocery shopping.  He was carrying his basket, because a Brompton bicycle transforms into a perfect shopping cart:


We examined a fig display, and chose chocolate dipped figs over that large and traditional fig cake. That was a mistake; later, I discovered that the figs were plump and delicious, but the chocolate with which they were enrobed was quite dreadful — waxy and flavorless.


Then we rode home, and arrived refreshed and relaxed:  Recreation, exercise, and errands all-in-in one!  Wonderful Brompton bicycles; you do everything well!

4 replies on “Multi-Tasking of the Best Sort”

I absolutely love using my Brompton as a shopping cart. Used to do it a lot more in Dallas, but even in Atlanta, I still get my Brompton into some stores.

If you don’t mind me asking, what kind is that yellow helmet? Thanks.

Peace :)

The Brompton shopping cart (and luggage trolley!) must be Brompton’s best kept secret, Chandra. Best thing ever – next to a B itself, of course.

The yellow helmet is a Bell Citi. Consumer’s rated it highly (for what that’s worth!), and Bell promptly discontinued it. It’s probably still on shelves somewhere. I think the Bell Muni is similar. If I were buyihg a new helmet now, though, I’d get high vis green/yellow instead of just the bright yellow. Dr. Diarist’s high vis helmet (his is a Specialized) is incredibly easy to see — much better even than the yellow.

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