Dear Blogger Bloggers —

I can’t comment on your blog posts!  Well, sometimes I can, but mostly it’s impossible: Blogger just blows away my carefully-crafted text as soon as I click “preview” or “publish”.  Off it goes, into the ether, never to be seen again.

While I doubt that this is a significant loss, in the over-all scheme of things, this makes me sad.  It makes other people sad, too, when they can’t comment.  I know, because the Internet is full of people complaining about Blogger’s commenting platform.

All you wonderful bloggers in my sidebar?  I’m reading your posts, and enjoying them.  I just wish I could say so, now and then, on some of them.

Woefully —

The Brompton Diarist

PS — “WordPress”.  WordPress is good!

4 replies on “Aaargh!”

Hi Brommie,
When I visit different blogs, I have been copying my comments into the buffer, before I click SUBMIT; to protect myself from quirkiness of the internet tools. Sorry you’re having issues, but I sure hope to see your nice comments appearing on my blog soon.
Have a good one!
Peace :)

Yes, I do that, too, Chandra, but it doesn’t help when Blogger blows away each new attempt. The odd thing is how inconsistent it is — sometimes they go through, and sometimes not. I’m going to keep trying though — apparently it’s a human trait to respond to intermittant reward by continuing the behavior forever!

I’m commenting, not for any clarification or helpful input, just because I can. Yes, I too avoid commenting in Blogger blogs owing to the frustrations & find it best to be satisfied with browsing. For those blogs where commenting isn’t even possible, I’m comfortable. After all, what could be better than this?

Funny, Ian . . . really, though, the Blogger comments problem has been occurring with amazing regularity since 2008. You’d think, given how well WordPress manages things, that Blogger would have figured it out by now.

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