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Lock and Roll

Bert’s Memorial ride was an excellent experience, but very short on miles.  Altogether, I clocked just under 13 miles/20.9 km, and that with many (good!) stops along the way.  Back home the  next morning, I jumped on the chance to ride with the usual suspects on a longer jaunt.


The Chester Valley Trail is quite familiar now, even though the new section only opened late last winter, but so beautiful!

We started at the trail head near Warner Road in King of Prussia.  Only Saul and Mike showed up for the ride; I had forgotten to take my allergy pill, and they very kindly agreed to a stop at Wegman’s so that I could pick some up.


Basil waited in the shade with them while I dashed in and gulped down the pill.

I took very few pictures on this ride; I was too thrilled to be zipping along, and we’d already made a stop that normally wouldn’t be necessary. This, however, did not prevent us from stopping for a bite to eat on the way back.


Shockingly, Saul suggested locking up Basil when we went in to find food.  I was horrified, but, hey, sometimes you need to try something to see what it’s really like.

Basil was cool, but you know, it’s just so wrong to lock up a Brompton!

Nicely fed, we released the bicycles and headed back.  End-to-end, this section of the Chester Valley Trail, which runs east to Exton, is just under 24 miles/38.6 km.  It’s mostly level, too, with only a few slight or short inclines, so it’s perfect for almost any cyclist, fit or not.

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Hey, look at Basil hangin’ and locked with that handsome 20 y/o cobalt blue, with yellow carbon fork, Cannondale and Mike’s fixed gear.

Basil is so in awe of those guys — they’re bicycles with history with their cyclists! One day, Basil and his cyclist will also have years of glorious history, too — but for now, they’re both just novices, hoping, one day, to catch up!

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