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First Farmers Market of the Season

One of the local farmers markets features a student harpist, who plays quite nicely while everyone shops.  The music is lovely.

fm1-hpSo is her harp, which sports this unusual decoration:


We love the idea of a local farmers market, but this one traditionally offers very little in the way of produce.  There are soaps, local goat cheeses (yum!), some meats, pies and baked goods, packaged pasta, flowers, some prepared goods, and so on, but limited choices in vegetables from local farms.


Oddly, though it’s in a town with a hard-scrabble side, the prices (and goods) tend to be on the “artisan” side, which must limit the local appeal.  So, probably, does competition from a larger, more diverse, and less-expensive farmer’s market in a more upscale town only a few miles away.  We’re wondering how long this one can survive with this focus, particularly now that it’s moved from a weekday night to being in direct competition with the other one on Saturday mornings.


Hidden under the turnips in Basil’s basket are cupcakes we shouldn’t be eating, but which are both the best I’ve ever eaten, and unexpectedly reasonably priced.  They’re from  Dia Dolce.  I don’t really understand the cupcake craze — or why people like cakes in general — but these are deliciously different; they’re flavorful, not merely pretty.

fm1-mbDr. Diarist waited with Basil and his mountain bike while I handled the commercial side of things.  The cupcakes were a last minute addition; we were on our way out when the impulse control system failed completely.  Basil and I went home with the goodies, and Dr. Diarist headed for the trail.  We saved a cupcake for him, even though he unwisely left them in our custody.

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I don’t know, Saul — those “speciality doughnuts” and “French macarons” are looking a lot like a (or the) next flash-in-the-pan treat. Cupcakes have had a long run; it may be time to move aside, even if they’re holding their own for the moment.

The Crumbs vanilla cupcake has 780 calories and nearly 36 grams of fat. Mmm…mmmm good.

Eat it today, wear it tomorrow.

A 150 lb. person riding at 10-12 mph for 2 hrs will burn approx. 816 calories. Enjoy the cupcake(s).

816 calories burned in two hours of cycling by 150 lb. person. Approx 786 calories and 36 gms of fat/crumbs bakery cupcake. Yum! This, of course, does not take into consideration the all important sugar factor.

It is said you can eat whatever you want on a bike ride. Apparently, this depends on your weight, along with the distance and pace of the ride.

Ok, so the average Crumbs cupcake appears to be 550 calories, for those of you fact checking as I have done. But alas, Crumbs cupcakes, as with other sweet baked goods, are rich in carbohydrates. The range of carbohydrates is very wide, as the Crumbs Hostess Cupcake contains 50 g of carbohydrates, while the bakery’s Vanilla Cupcake contains 107 g of carbohydrates. The Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academies suggests consuming at least 130 g of carbohydrates each day, and the Vanilla Cupcake at Crumbs provides more than 82 percent of that amount.

I remember, as a kid, figuring out that consuming eight Hershey’s chocolate bars would meet my dietary requirements for the day, per the nutrition label. It’s obvious that if one is missing one’s carb target for the day, a Crumbs cupcake is, similarly, the way to go. It’s practically medicinal!

Even considering all the above information, who doesn’t appreciate a tasty beautiful cupcake. What, it’s not gonna kill you…at least not one, I don’t think.

NYCers are blessed/cursed with these little goodies, about 50 calories each – Of course it’s impossible to eat just one, if you like cake.

How lovely to shop al fresco with harp music in the background! Our nearest farmers’ market has a jazz combo some Sundays.

Is it apostasy, Cathy, to say that I found Melissa’s lacking in flavor? (I ate more than one, anyway, because, yes, it’s impossible not to!) But it was only in the interest of research; I don’t really like cake much. Give me a chunk of good old healthy dark chocolate, that’s what I say!

Ohh, jazz at the farmers’ market; now that’s atmosphere.

PS — I like your apostrophe better than my lack of one. Or inconsistent use, which I see has occurred.

Indeed; it’s possible that Crumbs may not be the way to go. In our defense, such as it is, the Dia Dolce cupcakes we ate were on the small side of “generic” as opposed to the Crumbs standard. On the other hand, the Dia Dolce treat is made with actual butter — so delicious, so cholesterol!

Good Farmer’s Markets are very enjoyable and practical. I haven’t been to one since I left DFW. Glad you have more than one close by. The harp looks beautiful.
Peace :)

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