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Coffeeneuring 2014: Day 3

For Coffeeneuring Day 3, we took a circuitous route to a coffee shop on a somewhat distant highway.  Happily, we were able to take trails most of the way.  There was a certain amount of hill-climbing involved; we arrived hungry.  Dr. Diarist had coffee and a grilled cheese sandwich; I had a soy latte and a less-photogenic egg salad sandwich.


We unexpectedly discovered a car show as we headed out:  Basil checked out this stunningly immaculate 1939 Oldsmobile.  Nothing we own has ever been so pristine — not even our beloved Brompton bicycles!


Dr. Diarist wore street clothes; he’s working out the details of multi-modal commuting (train/bike).  This excursion turned out to be much longer than he’d calculated — he was missing his padded shorts by the time we returned home.


The shop was quiet, and we found a comfortable corner in which to fit ourselves and Bromptons.  We then proceeded to continue the weekend’s primary task:  configuring our smart phones.  It was not relaxing.


I’m a Luddite when it comes to phones:  this is the first smart phone I’ve used, a circumstance which didn’t exactly facilitate the process.  I’m getting used to the thing, though, and I like it.  It’s a lot easier to haul around than even a very small tablet.

We saw lots of fallen leaves, but colors were mostly muted. Argyll’s and Basil’s hues looked subdued, too, under this tree.


I forgot to take the protective film off the lens on the phone, but that doesn’t seem to have mattered much.  This phone’s camera may actually be better than my specific-use camera, which is a sobering thought.  (Maybe I should have joined the 21st century sooner?)


We noticed more earthy tones than bright ones, though autumn has just begun; this won’t be a flamboyant fall.  The weather, though, has been perfect:  cool and crisp.

Day 3 Observations: 1) Smart phone photo aspect ratios are all wrong!  and 2) Our usual coffee break conversations are a lot more invigorating than spending time programming phones.

Tally for the day

Day 3 Location:  Starbucks on Route 100

Mileage today:  19.8 miles/31.8 km

Total Mileage for Coffeeneuring 2014 to date:  28.8 miles/46.2 km

Trip: 3/7

6 replies on “Coffeeneuring 2014: Day 3”

For a pristine look, I believe your spotless (?) 21st Century Brompton rates over that lovely highly-customised Oldsmobile?

SAdly, Basil’s not exactly pristine, Ian, though he’s got it all over that Olds when it comes to original parts. I’m always torn when I see these rabid customizations. I guess it’s good that the car has survived at all? But I admit a real prejudice toward vintage things looking — and being — more-or-less what they were. But the owner did do one spectacular job on that vehicle.

Hooray for smartphones! You and Dr. D. are really getting into the coffeeneuring spirit.

Yesterday I was persuaded to drink a Starbucks soy chai latte with a “pump” of pumpkin spice. It felt so naughty.

OK, Cathy, I cracked up at your description of pumpkin spice as “naughty”! Down home, grandma-pie-baking-autumn-spices pumpkin spice — in a syrup, sure, but still. (Though maybe the naughty part was all those recently-publicised chemicals?) Happy fall, either way!

You nailed it, Brommie: PSL is delicious, but boasts not a single pronounceable ingredient. Happy autumn to you too!

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