Short Trips & Errands

Householdly Duties, With Pecans. And Brie.

It’s been a very weird and frantic week around here, punctuated by short rides and errand-running on Basil, which, at times, involved coffee and possibly other treats.  That’s a pecan tart, below.  It was tasty.


We own three driveable motor vehicles, and all three of them were in the shop this week.  (They are ancient; this goes with the territory.)  The shop is distant both from our home and from anything resembling useful public transportation.  In the old days, Dr. Diarist could run me up to the shop, but that’s all changed now that he has a far more rigid schedule.

And just to complicate matters, one vehicle made return trips to the shop; time constraints meant that riding Basil home on death-defying roads, and then returning the same day to pick up each car wasn’t practical.


I made the best of the wait on another day and had Brie, also with pecans, for brunch.  (Oh, the sacrifices one makes!)  It was delicious, though next time I’d skip the bread and ask for more apples.  The Brie requires a few minutes to fix; it’s oven-baked, just the way it should be.


The charming little restaurant was once (I think) a tea shop.  It’s hidden away in a dismal little strip-mall-cum-shopping center, which just goes to illustrate that making assumptions based on appearance isn’t always a good thing.  (The only wrong note inside the cozy shop was struck by the cheap paper napkin tucked inside a perfectly nice metal napkin ring.  That was kind of sad.)


Even cute little over-stuffed shops often have room for a Brompton.  If it weren’t for my screaming yellow helmet, Basil would be almost invisible.

Dr. Diarist pointed out that I should really have taken quite a different bicycle all together — my little vintage folder.  Photo here; in the text beneath the image you’ll see why he pointed this out — the café and Basil’s predecessor share a name.

Disclaimer:  It has been pointed out by an astute regular reader that this looks suspiciously like a Coffeeneuring post, without the usual tag marks.  Appearances can be deceptive (see above)! 

This is not a Coffeeneuring post . . . weekday Coffeeneuring is allowed only under specific circumstances.  The Diarist gang does not meet the exception rule.

This post is just evidence that I’ve spent way too much time in coffee shops this week.

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…or maybe the napkin and lovely ring were just the perfect combination for the venue, along with the properly prepared food.

Maybe some honesty here, sticking within its rules but coffeeneuring seems to have gone off the boil? Post with all the hallmarks but nothing logged?

No, no, no, Ian! Rules observance is in utter conformity here: this isn’t a Coffeeneuring post — it’s just a record of my hardshp during the week, forced to forage elsewhere for comestibles whilst dealing with automotive (and other) household issues. (I’m going to put a disclaimer on the post. Caesar’s wife and all that, you know.)

Hi Brommie,
Cool post, cool vintage folder and a super cool coincidence.
I suppose paper is a cost-cutting measure, although usage of paper has its own costs, which may or may not be taken into account by some.

Peace :)

Hi, Chandra! Interesting –there might be an an argument to be made made here. Is laundering more wasteful than waste itself? I kind of think so, but you’ve reminded me that maybe that’s only prejudice on my part. I naturally like cloth napkins — effective and reusable, so maybe I’m a little biased.

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