Coffeeneuring: Day 7

Basil and I were home for only one day between trips out of state, so squeezing in our final Coffeeneuring event was on the tricky side.


We have virtually no coffee shops in our area, so that was a stretch, too.  Dr. Diarist mentioned an odd little business as an option.  Not far from the train station in Downingtown, PA is a combination pinball-and-ice-cream parlour.  He thought this might make an unusual Coffeeneuing stop.


And so it did.  We got hot chocolate; it was a cold and windy day.  Apologies were made for the too-big cups; the supplier had sent the wrong size.  That didn’t affect the flavor any.


Behind our table was quite an extensive display of ice cream parlour memorabilia, including old advertisements and antique scoops.  There’s a little something for everyone here.


Dr. Diarist may have taken a few minutes to relive a possibly miss-spent youth.

c8-dmThere was a crowd present, of quite varied demographics, enjoying the pinball games in a surprisingly light, bright, and welcoming space, moderated by friendly and welcoming owners.


The ice cream palour features more or less local ice cream, from nearby Pennsylvania Dutch country.  The motto, Nix Besser, means “none better” in Pennsylvania Dutch.


New versions of vintage candies cover the counter, including some rather horrifying examples of items perhaps best left abandoned by history.  Blue or pink bubble gum cigars, anyone, to announce the birth of a 1940s infant?  Or candy cigarettes (!)?   Maybe it’s easier to get behind the Jaw Busters, just like the ones from decades ago — all they do is contribute to cavities, rather than to outdated stereotypes or to cultivating habits that cause fatal health issues!

Day 7 Observation (for Basil):  Who knew a pinball parlour could be so  . . . nice!  (And still be enticing to pinball fans!)

Tally for the day

Day 7 Location (for Basil):  Pinball Gallery and Margo’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor

Mileage today (for Basil):  3.01 miles/ 4.8 km

Total Mileage for Coffeeneuring 2014 to date (Basil):  66.82 miles/  107.5 km


Day 7 Observation (for Argyll):  Combining complementary small business is a great model.

Day7 Location (for Argyll):  Pinball Gallery and Margo’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor

Mileage today (for Argyll): 3.01 miles/4.8 km

Total Mileage for Coffeeneuring 2014 to date (Argyll): 39.8 miles/63.6 km

Trip: 7/7

Basil and I are headed to a completely different part of the USA for the next week or so, and may have limited Internet access. Posts will go up through the magic of automatic scheduling, but response to comments and email may be slow, or even non-existent, until we return home.

4 replies on “Coffeeneuring: Day 7”

Brommie – Nothing like a good coffee shop.
There is one on a crazy-busy road, nearby here, but I haven’t gone there on my bike yet.
I have seen those ‘Candy Cigarettes’. I guess you just eat ’em or look ‘cool’ with it dangling from the mouth {pretty lame, on second thoughts :)}. Divinity is good old fashioned candy, but can be hard to find.

Enjoyed this post – especially all the available games and such at the parlor.

Peace :)

Yes, “pretty lame” does cover those candy cigs, Chandra. They’re turning up all over the place, which really doesn’t seem like a good thing. If the lung cancer doesn’t get people, maybe diabetes will — I noticed the candy is made almost completely of corn syrup. (On the other hand, who can’t get behind divinity — preferably made without HFCS.)

I’m old enough to feel nostalgic about both candy cigarettes (innocent fun, back when) and a misspent youth as a pinballer (not so innocent – I was a Pong hustler). Congratulations to you and Dr. D. on a great Coffeeneuring finish!

Ohhh, a Pong hustler! My, Cathy, you *do* have an interesting past!

A true confession here: I never wanted to smoke, but kind of crush on those incredible cigarette holders in the movies. Who wouldn’t want a sharp stick with which to gesture at parties?!?

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