Argyll’s Inspiration: Name This Brompton!

Like so many other prospective Brompton riders, when contemplating acquiring Argyll, Dr. Diarist spent quite a bit of time considering what color he should be.

Naturally, Dr. D consulted the NYCeWheels configuator, but in the end Argyll’s colors were chosen after the owner of Click-Stand sent a photo to us, featuring a Brompton kitted out in Racing Green with Sage Green extremities.

In one of those wonderful quirks for which the Internet is well-known, it happened that the owner of that beautiful Brompton contacted me after I wrote this post about my Click-Stand.

Tom and his B are a bit more hardcore than we wimps here.  He’s ready for touring, in rain, no less, above.  (Note how well the Click-Stand works!)   Below, you can see the gear without the rain covers:  That’s the excellent Brompton T bag on the front, and the rack sack on the back.


Tom’s Brompton is a 2013 M6R, so it isn’t exactly a twin to Argyll, who is a 2013 M6H, but the close kinship is undeniable.  Tom’s Brompton is unnamed, though, and he suggested that Diaries readers might come up with some suggestions.  Anything, he says, but Cedric.

What do you say, Brompton readers?  Who is Tom’s handsome M6R (other, that is, than Not Cedric!)?

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Verrrrry difficult, Tom may have to be subjected to some tough questioning here. Does he perceive “Tom Thumb” as having a gender? Would he be insulted by countless variations on Cedric? (images to mind of old Nissan Cedrics so I’ll say no more for fear of offending?) Does Tom want to risk a name that he’ll forever be saddled with questions of “why…?”. I’m sorry, this question is akin to those former ones (ie which colour? which handlebars? what gearing? etc) & is best pushed to our dashing Diarist duo (after all, Argyll? Basil?).

Hmmm, Ian, you raise some interesting points. Yes, we may need some input from Tom here in order to proceed properly. And perhaps a post on the significant issue of naming a Brompton? How does one know when the choice is right?

Parenthetically, I had no idea that such a thing as a Nissan Cedric exists (existed?). A bad experience with one might turn one forever against anything wheeled called Cedric, though, in any case, a Brompton is certainly not a Nissan!

Alas, further action — at least on this end — will have to wait until Basil and I return from our upcoming 5 Boro Tour adventure next week.

Ah. The rider thanks you for your response. Following the way less traveled,
I have just happened on this discussion, and present two more, divergent thoughts in a name.
Hrothgar. Benny Hill.

Hi, Tom! Divergent, indeed: I’m taking to Hrothgar — a noble king, with many virtues. Also, if one is inclined that way, the name lends itself to shorter nicknames: I rather like “Hroth” or even “Gar”. (In my family we’re big on the formal name, combined with a shorter one that may bear little resemblance to the original.)

Benny Hill has real possibilities, too, though I think it might be best to saddle only the most energetic, not to say, frenetic, Brompton with that particular honorific. Bromptons aren’t sluggish, so it won’t do to give that one as an ironic tag!

@The Brompton Diarist
Ah, sagacity. Thy name signifying small wheeler rests but in dimension and naught in scope.

Another suggestion has arisen from a speaker outside the Bromptonian sphere: – KERMIT,
because b. is two shades of green.

However, the pickup truck in which b. often resides is an emerald jade,- a puddle jumper of the first water,- that has for fifteen years borne the title, KERMIT, so to be politic and compromise, this latter suggestion experiencing a seachange has become: – KERMIT TOO. Mirabile dictu.

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