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Winter’s End

Or so we’re claiming.  A bunch of us got together earlier in April — like several weeks ago, sorry Lisa! —  to ride together for the first time in far too long.  Saul was with us originally, and we lost a few others, too, to previous commitments (or maybe to the horrendous wind — a bane on the outgoing trip, but a boon on the return).

gr-grAs a result, I only got four of us in this photo, midway through our ride.We took the Chester Valley Trail from Devon to Exton and back, a distance of about 24 miles/38.6km.

Along the way, we made some pretty thrilling discoveries:  At Exton, where we turned around, we found a combined human/canine water fountain (that’s it behind Basil). The gap in the top of the column is an indentation and spout for filling water bottles — a nice touch!


But that wasn’t all.  Around the corner, Mike discovered a mechanic’s station, complete with a bike stand, an amazing collection of tools, and a tire pump with both Presta and Schrader fittings.

hc-mgThis one is a Dero Fixit station. Don’t have a clue how to proceed?  If you have a smartphone, you can scan the QR code to find out what to do.  Brilliant, isn’t it?


This one was donated by Malvern Federal Savings Bank.


There’s another, bright orange, Fixit station in front of the PNC bank just around the corner from the Target/Wegman’s complex at Route 29 on the Chester Valley Trail, donated by PNC.  Now that’s community banking at its finest!

2 replies on “Winter’s End”

Hi Brommie,
Long time no visit (I didn’t visit).
I am happy to note that you are still blogging and riding – great going!
Thanks for visiting my blog, even though I haven’t visited you in a while – much appreciated!
The pump and the repair station setup look rock solid.
I have been thinking about asking my employer to have a bike repair station on premises.
Glad your ride, in spite of the wind, was enjoyable.
Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)

Chandra, you’ve come back from your wanderings inspired to envision a dream world: A bike station at work! What a fabulous idea! Or, of that seems too restrictive for corporate dollars, maybe your employer would spring for one in the wild, nearby, to serve the larger community, too?

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