Wicker Bike Trailer

It’s too bad that this isn’t a better screenshot, but that beautiful little wicker cart is attached to the seat stem of a bicycle. (You can just see the white fender and the red rear reflector on the bike between the pant leg on the adult and the cart.)

The cart has a toy bear in it, but it’s actually for hauling a child (or children) — and, it seems,  a tea party,  in the little suitcase behind the seat. (The lavender-clad child on the left had previously ridden in it, but I couldn’t get a good image of the two together.)

I spied this during my convalescence after the small surgery on my leg, when I was spending many dull hours with my leg immobilized on a bolster.  This shot is from the BBC series Monarch of the Glen, season five, episode six. The series is notable for fantastic views of Scotland’s highlands, and for truly juvenile and inexplicable human romantic interactions.

It’s the scenery that got me.  Also the great bikes used in the village for everyday transportation.

Note:  A month ago, when I published my previous post, I thought I’d be back here at Basil’s blog, posting less frequently, but posting regularly, nonetheless.  Another medical setback interfered with that scheme, but now we think that’s done, and posts should be more regular, even if they won’t occur on a daily basis. Here’s to more blog, less BBC!

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Welcome back Brommie, I hope you find blogging to be good therapy & it has certainly calmed my anxiety – caused by daily unfruitful trips to your blog? As for Scotland’s delights & convalescent assistance, yes & no. Yes to the delights but walking/riding in the hills may be best left until you’re stronger? (On the other hand, I can recommend watching events from a bench on a village green or in a town square. You’ll never tire of it.) As for your trailer snap, it looks so cute & so appropriate for a Tweed Ride (now if I could just get one my size & convince my wife to tow it?)

Thanks, Ian — and I’m so glad to have contributed to your sense of well-being! The BBC, and all those panoramic views of lush UK landscapes, really was an excellent convelesent aid. I wouldn’t have turned down an opportunity to see the real thing; however, yes, I’d much rather do that with Basil than without!

Not sure your plan for spousal support in an Ian-sized wicker cart will pan out, but, golly, for a Tweed Ride wouldn’t a small version be excellent for the picnic? I wonder how difficult it would be to make one . . .

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